Carophyll Pink Astaxanthin 10% - Additive color enhancer (powder) for fishfood.
Astaxanthin is a very strong and effective color enhancing food additive/antioxidant. Besides color enhancing Carophyll Pink powder will also increase the immune system of your fish - very strong antioxidant. Carophyll pink is especially effective for red, orange and pink fish like Cichlids, Discus and all other fish. Between 7 days and 4 weeks the colors of your fish will change extremely. See attached before and after pictures.
Astaxanthin is a carotenoid produced in microalgae, yeast, bacteria and fungi; in the aquatic environment microalgae are consumed by zooplankton, insects or crustaceans e.g. krill, shrimp, lobster and crayfish.
1 gram Carophyll Pink powder per 1000 gram of food. 
15 Gram Carophyll Pink €16,99
25 Gram Carophyll Pink €19,99
50 Gram Carophyll Pink €38,99
The Netherlands: €3,43
Rest of the world: €7,50
This is a natural product produced by DSM, not a synthetical product. 
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